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Your questions answered (FAQ)
How long will my order take?
Most orders are dispatched within 24 hours. Where you live will determine the delivery time. It can take from 1 day to 10 days. Example : parcels to Western Australia take 5 working days, a parcel to USA can take as little as 5 days but 7-8 days is average.
Do we send Overseas ?
We have customer in all parts of the world, from Tokyo to Cape Town, Moscow to Darasalem. Where ever you are we can deliver.
What is the Currency on your web site?
All prices are in Australian dollars. There is a currency converter on most pages. Just key in the price you are querying and select your own currency. The converter will show the price in your money. (Note: exchange rates vary slightly every day, so the final price you are charged may be different.)
What size is the fabric?
All the fabrics are cut as 1/4 meter that is approx 50cm x 70cm for mohair and 50cm x 75cm for synthetic. If you measure in inches that is approx 20" x 27.5" mohair & 20" x 29.5" synthetic. 1/4 meter is 11% larger than 1/4 yard.
What will I get if I order 2 x 1/4meter?
You will receive 1/2 in one piece measuring 50cm x 140cm mohair or 50cm x 150cm synthetic. Order 3x 1/4 and it will be in 1 piece. Order 4 x 1/4 and receive 1 meter in one piece.
How are eyes sold?
Eyes come in pairs, the prices are for 1 pair.
When I order Paws & Thread to match the price dosn't show?
Unfortunately the software we use wont add in the cost of these. When you are invoiced they will be manually added to your bill.
There is an insurance charge on my invoice?
We add a small charge to all invoices to protect you against loss of your parcel. (Note; there are a few instances when we cannot offer insurance.)
How much will postage be?
This is not an easy one as it depends on the weight of your parcel and where it is going but we do our best to keep the cost down.
Postage on my invoice is different to my web site order?
Our web site only allows us to use one overseas postal rate. There is a difference in cost between sending a parcel to NZ & USA. We have tried to do the best we can to solve this. In almost all instances you will be charged less than you expect.
Do you have Wholesale rates?
For bulk purchasers and retailers we have special prices. These rates are based on volume and minimum purchase amounts apply. If you would like to see are wholesale pricing go to
What is your address?
We do not operate a shop or retail outlet. All orders are by mail order only. Our postal address is P.O. Box 2465 Burleigh QLD 4220 Australia.
I can't find it on your site?
You should use the search function to find products. Search The product you are looking for may be discontinued or out of stock.
Is it a Secure Site?
The site becomes secure as soon as you start to complete your order. We use SSL encryption to protect your credit card details. To read more about Security
What is your minimum order?
We do not have a minimum order. There is a minimum postal charge of $3.95 in Australia and a charge for 250g for overseas orders. If you order 1 pair of eyes you pay the minimum postage. However you could order 20 pairs for the same postage cost. So don't make your order to small.
Why am I not getting the Newsletters?
May be you are not on our mailing list. If you are it may be that your Internet Service Provider is blocking them as spam or you may have your email program set to reject email addresses that are not in your personal address book.
The shopping cart doesn't work?
The most likely problem is that your computer is set to refuse Cookies. Most shopping cart use cookies to remember what you have purchased. All you need to do is turn on the cookie function or tell the system to accept cookies from our web site.
Do you supply samples?
We do not supply samples. Samples are very labour intensive and hence expensive. Keeping people up to date with what has been discontinued and new fabrics creates a logistics nightmare. If you don't like a fabric just return it for a refund/credit.
Do you sell 1/8th meters
We sell mohair in 1/8meters. There is a section under mohair for this. If you cannot find the fabric there just order 1/4meter a put a note in the additional comments saying you only require 1/8th.

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